Augmented Reality in Aerospace and Defense

Enhance Data Security and Simplify Scaling with XR Streaming

The Impact of AR in Aerospace and Defense

Data security is a critical consideration for the aerospace and defense industry when using Augmented Reality. Streaming AR applications enhances security by keeping data off mobile devices and enabling the use of highly secure private or government cloud infrastructures. In addition, a central platform for accessing all AR/VR applications simplifies access, management, and monitoring. Streaming and an XR ecosystem enable the aerospace and defense industry to leverage immersive technologies while maintaining data security.

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XR Use Cases in Aerospace and Defense

XR App




Original Data






Data Protection through XR Streaming

By streaming AR/VR applications from a local server or a highly secure cloud infrastructure, data is subject to centrally managed security measures and never stored on the device. This reduces the risk of data theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information. What’s more, streaming enables global remote collaboration in a secure environment.

Remote Rendering of Original Data

The aerospace and defense industry works with data of immense complexity and size. By streaming applications, all data is hosted on high-performance servers. This allows for visualizing content at its original complexity, size, and quality, creating a seamless 3D data pipeline without the need to adjust or simplify the data. This minimizes effort, saves time, reduces the likelihood of errors, and enables high-quality user experiences.

Centralized Platform for Easy Access and Scaling

A centralized platform for hosting, managing, and streaming AR/VR applications helps unlock their full potential. This single source of truth ensures digital continuity of data, enables efficient distribution, and provides a seamless solution for scaling applications across the enterprise: By streaming XR applications through the cloud, they are available globally and can be accessed from any XR device, anytime, anywhere.

Augmented Reality to Improve Processes

AR makes many processes in the aerospace and defense industry more efficient and productive. It optimizes knowledge transfer between departments by allowing information to be shared in real time. AR also provides an immersive experience for product presentations, making complex systems easier to understand for stakeholders and customers. And by giving everyone in the value chain the ability to view and modify designs in real time, AR can improve the quality of reviews.

In today’s digital landscape, security is paramount. XR Streaming is revolutionizing the way we interact with data, improving not only accessibility and engagement, but also security. By rendering data in the cloud and streaming it to devices, we limit the exposure of sensitive information and add a robust layer of security to immersive experiences. Contact us to learn more about how XR Streaming not only protects users’ data, but also builds confidence in the application of XR technology across industries.

Susanne Haspinger,

Chief Operations Officer