Hololight Hub – Enterprise XR Platform

Centralize, Simplify, and Scale the Use of XR Applications

Unleash the Potential of AR/VR

Hololight Hub is the global immersive ecosystem for centrally hosting, managing and streaming AR/VR applications. This enterprise-grade Industrial Metaverse brings the power of the cloud to mobile XR, providing infinite performance, centralized app management and a direct interface between XR apps and content.

Unlimited Power for XR Applications

Enable high-quality, low-latency XR experiences by streaming through a cloud or on-premises server.

Easy App Deployment and Management

Reduce IT’s workload and ensure ease of use for employees through global, centralized oversight and one ecosystem for all apps.

Single Source of Truth for 3D Assets

Keep a continuous and seamless 3D data pipeline by connecting to established data sources such as PLM, ERP, or CRM systems.

High Scalability and Global Availability

Stream XR apps on demand and in real-time to mobile devices and ensure effortless distribution and easy access for employees.

Why the Industrial Metaverse Is Essential for Enterprises

The key features of the Industrial Metaverse are scalability, security, speed, and visibility. Based on these, enterprises can build a future-proof XR infrastructure that enables and promotes new forms of collaboration and digital workflows in 3D. Companies that are integrating VR and AR into their daily work will benefit from immediate efficiency gains through new work and communication processes, such as 3D design and immersive training. They are creating a powerful, secure, and scalable infrastructure for a future where 3D content and XR technology will be commonplace.


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Holo Lens and AR Object

Efficient Scaling through XR Streaming

App streaming integrated into an XR ecosystem is the only solution that meets all the technical and content requirements of the Industrial Metaverse. It transmits interactive video data instead of 3D data, ensuring security, speed, and scalability: XR content is streamed at full resolution without any limitations. And the streaming ecosystem enables centralized data and user management, as well as tracking for usage and cost control. That is why our Streaming solution Hololight Stream is at the core of Hololight Hub.

Hololight Hub - the Global Immersive Ecosystem

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