3D CAD Visualization in AR & VR

Hololight Space is the industrial augmented reality and virtual reality application for seamless visualization of 3D CAD data. Collaborate on digital twins to review designs, plan a factory layout, perform risk assessment or quality assurance, and present products to stakeholders to improve decision-making.

Why AR and VR Engineering?

Hololight Space is the leading industrial VR and AR visualization software that helps you streamline your engineering and product development workflows. Leverage your 3D CAD data in new ways to accelerate designs, reduce costs and waste, improve collaboration, and increase quality by quickly identifying errors.

Faster Time-To-Market

Accelerate product development with more effective design reviews and fewer iterations.

Economical & Sustainable Prototyping

Save money, reduce physical waste, and save time by testing virtual prototypes.

Efficient Remote Collaboration

Reduce travel costs and your carbon footprint by collaborating remotely on digital prototypes in real time.

Quick and Easy Error Detection

Identify errors and improve product quality by testing full-scale designs in a real-world environment.

Industrial Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Use Cases for Hololight Space

Design Review
Factory Planning
Risk Assessment
Quality Assurance
Product Presentation
Industry 4.0 - Design Review with Augmented Reality

Design Review & Rapid Prototyping

Review full-scale 3D prototypes of machinery, vehicle parts, turbines, and other complex products in AR/VR before they are physically built. This significantly reduces the cost and waste associated with physical prototypes, accelerates decision making, and increases stakeholder engagement.

Industry 4.0 - Factory Planning with Augmented Reality

Factory Planning & Plant Design

Plan factories and complex assemblies in augmented and virtual reality in the field and before construction to optimize workflows, machine placement, and safety measures. Reduce design errors and save time and money by eliminating physical reconfigurations.

Industry 4.0 - Risk Assessment with Augmented Reality

Risk Assessment & Compliance Check

Visualize and evaluate products early in the design phase to identify potential compliance and safety issues before physical prototypes are built. This reduces the need for costly revisions, accelerates the development process, and facilitates global collaboration by enabling remote stakeholders to participate in the assessment.

Industry 4.0 - Quality Assurance with Augmented Reality

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Improve quality assurance and quality control by enabling teams to inspect virtual prototypes and address potential issues before they impact production or safety. Additional benefits include reduced rework costs, improved product quality, and faster time to market.

Industry 4.0 - Product Presentation with Augmented Reality

Product Presentation & Stakeholder Engagement

Transform product presentations with immersive, interactive experiences that showcase products in life-like scenarios. Benefits include the ability to visualize products in different environments and configurations, improved communication of features and benefits, and a memorable presentation experience.

Design Review & Rapid Prototyping

Factory Planning & Plant Design

Risk Assessment & Compliance Check

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Product Presentation & Stakeholder Engagement

Industrial Augmented Reality Case Studies & Customer Success Stories

BMW Accelerates Concept Evaluations

Learn how BMW reduces prototyping costs and resources while accelerating decision-making by up to 12 months.

LNS Group Saves on Prototyping Costs

Click here to learn how LNS Group reduces time-to-market by 3 months and saves up to $10,000 per prototype.

ENGIE Optimizes Engineering

Discover how Engie uses Hololight Space to create efficient workflows and facilitate the design of refrigeration machines.

R&M Group Uses AR in Shipbuilding

3D visualizations in augmented reality help the R&M Group optimize the development of major shipbuilding projects.

Our Customers Report on their Return on Investment


Faster Concept Design Phase


Lower Production Costs


Fewer Business Trips


Reduction in Errors

More than a CAD Viewer – the Hololight Space Product Features

Import 3D CAD Files

Import a variety of 3D CAD file formats from Autodesk, Siemens, Dassault Systémes, USD files, and many more.

Tools Menu

Interact with your 3D content using a variety of tools, incl. cross-section, collision detection, X-ray, and annotation.

XR Streaming

No need for data preparation as content is streamed in the highest quality and original complexity.

Space Manager

Manage files, navigate the entire hierarchy, and save your 3D CAD files in one place, just like in CATIA, Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, etc.

Collaborative Meetings

Invite colleagues to collaborative meetings regardless of location. Hololight Space is the first AR visualization software to enable multi-user mode between AR and VR.

Real World Referencing

Use object tracking or QR code as world reference or even overlay objects via object tracking by VisionLib.

Hololight Space Compatible XR Devices

Confident Engineer in White Shirt Working on Jet Engine with Use of Augmented Reality Hologram in an Office at Plane Assembly Plant. Industrial Specialist Working in Technological Development Facility

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Confident Engineer in White Shirt Working on Jet Engine with Use of Augmented Reality Hologram in an Office at Plane Assembly Plant. Industrial Specialist Working in Technological Development Facility

Magic Leap 2

Confident Engineer in White Shirt Working on Jet Engine with Use of Augmented Reality Hologram in an Office at Plane Assembly Plant. Industrial Specialist Working in Technological Development Facility

Meta Quest 2 & 3

Confident Engineer in White Shirt Working on Jet Engine with Use of Augmented Reality Hologram in an Office at Plane Assembly Plant. Industrial Specialist Working in Technological Development Facility

iPad Pro

High-Quality Visualization & Enhanced Data Security with XR Streaming

The Hololight Space XR application can be deployed on any type of infrastructure (on-premise/cloud/edge) and is pixel-streamed to the XR mobile device in real-time over WIFI/LTE/5G. This allows users to protect sensitive data on the server side and view high quality content with hundreds of millions of polygons in AR/VR.

Centralized App Management & Seamless Distribution

Manage Hololight Space and all your XR applications on a single platform – a powerful solution for organizations looking to scale their user base, consolidate their industrial augmented reality and virtual reality initiatives, and distribute their XR applications across the enterprise.

Extend Your 3D Pipeline with Augmented & Virtual Reality

Bring your 3D content to life. Visualize your designs from 3D CAD systems such as CATIA, PTC Creo, AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Inventor in augmented and virtual reality. NVIDIA Omniverse users can access and manage their USD files directly in Hololight Space.

Customers Who Put Their Trust in Our Hololight Space Application

And many more …

Customers Who Put Their Trust in Hololight Space

And many more …

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What file formats can be imported into Hololight Space?

You can import a wide variety of 3D file formats designed in tools such as Siemens NX, CATIA, Solidworks, Solidedge, AutoCAD, Inventor, PTC Creo, or exchange file formats, such as .jt, .fbx, .step, .usd, .glTF.

You can also visualize other file formats such as .mp4, .pdf, .jpg, .png.

For a complete list of supported file formats, click here.

How do I import 3D content into Hololight Space?

Users can import their 3D CAD models without any additional data preparation or polygon reduction. We offer several ways to import your 3D CAD model into Hololight Space, depending on your infrastructure.

  • Save your 3D CAD files on your Windows PC
  • Save your 3D CAD files to cloud storage
  • Drag and drop your 3D CAD files from your Windows file explorer into Hololight Space
  • Load your 3D CAD files using the file explorer in Hololight Space
  • Load your 3D CAD files by using the NVIDIA Omniverse integration
How much work does it take to prepare my 3D CAD models for Hololight Space?

Hololight Space users don’t have to worry about polygon reduction of 3D CAD models. By streaming the application from external, more powerful servers with high-end GPUs, users can view and work with their 3D content in high quality.

Can I view my NVIDIA Omniverse files in augmented reality?

Yes, the Hololight Space application provides direct access to USD files within NVIDIA Omniverse (local/cloud). An NVIDIA Omniverse account is required.

Can I save my work in Hololight Space?

Yes. Hololight Space allows you to save your 3D CAD models incl. annotations, measurements and edits in a workspace and load them later. This allows you to prepare for meetings and continue your work on another day.

Why stream the Hololight Space application?

Typically, the performance of mobile XR devices is limited, as is the size and complexity of industrial 3D content (e.g. machines, cars, airplanes). To allow users to see all the details of their 3D objects and avoid time-consuming data preparation, lower level of detail (LoD) or polygon reduction, Hololight provides unique integrated streaming technology. This way the application runs on more powerful local servers or in the cloud and stream the application content in real time to the XR device. Because the data is stored on IT-managed servers, sensitive data is much better protected, increasing data security.

Which XR streaming technology does Hololight use in Hololight Space?

Hololight Space uses our own XR streaming technology. Hololight Stream is a powerful pixel streaming solution for augmented and virtual reality apps, optimized for the usage in industrial and enterprise environments. XR Applications like Hololight Space can be streamed via Wifi, 5G or Lifi networks.

Can I choose which infrastructure/servers I can stream from?

Yes. Customers can choose the infrastructure they want to use, including gaming laptops, on-premises servers, public cloud, private cloud, 5G campus, or government cloud solutions.

Is Hololight Space a collaborative solution?

Yes, Hololight Space allows you to set up meetings, invite colleagues, and collaborate with others in the same room or across locations. Participants can join using any supported XR device. Please note that each participant must have a valid Hololight Space license.

Which AR/VR devices are supported?

Hololight Space officially supports Magic Leap 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Microsoft HoloLens 2. Users can also join a Hololight Space session with the Hololight Space Spectator, our companion application that supports Apple iPad Pro. Please note that we are constantly working to expand the device landscape. For an overview of the features of Hololight Space on different devices, please visit our knowledge base page.

What's the difference between using Hololight Space in augmented reality and virtual reality?

Hololight Space runs on both VR devices (Meta Quest 3) and AR devices (HoloLens 2, Magic Leap 2). The choice of hardware depends on the use case. Use cases that require the embedding of virtual objects in the real world require an industrial AR device or a VR device with camera pass-through functionality. If the overlay of the real environment is not important, a VR device can be a good choice.

How can I optimize my engineering processes with AR/VR?

With 10 years of experience in the XR enterprise market, our experts can help you identify potential applications for Hololight Space within your organization.

Industrial augmented reality and virtual reality can optimize your processes throughout the entire product lifecycle (PLM). We can help you accelerate design evaluations, reduce design errors, improve collaboration, reduce physical prototyping costs, and improve decision making.

Read in our case studies section how customers have accelerated design evaluations by 25%, reduced physical prototyping costs by 50%, minimized travel by 50%, and reduced design errors by 90%.

How can I visualize my digital twin in augmented reality?

Digital twins are complex and contain a lot of information. Streaming digital twin content in augmented and virtual reality allows you to visualize all details and work inside a full-scale representation of your factory, engine, machine, turbine, or cooling system.

Can I get a free trial version of Hololight Space?

Yes. We offer free trials of Hololight Space here. We encourage you to contact us so that we can guide and support you in the best way possible.

How do I purchase Hololight Space?

To use Hololight Space, customers need a valid license, a supported XR device and a choice of server infrastructure for deployment.

The Hololight Space license can be purchased directly from Hololight as well as through our channel partner network based on a concurrent/floating annual license model. Customers using Hololight’s server infrastructure are additionally charged for cloud consumption on a pay-per-use model.

Customers can also request a private offer through AWS marketplace.

For more information on pricing and packages, please contact our team.