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More Information

What is Hololight Stream?

The Hololight Stream is a tool you can add to your Unity app. It allows your mixed reality app to work on a remote computer and stream to devices such as HoloLens 2, Quest 2, Quest Pro, or iOS devices. This streaming happens in real-time thanks to the connection between the cloud or the local server with the XR device (and Hololight’s client app running on it).

Requirements Before You Start

Please ensure you have the following before downloading the Hololight Stream trial:

1. XR Device

HoloLens 2
Meta Quest 2/Pro


iOS 15 minimum

iPhone 12 or newer
LiDAR Sensor is highly

2. PC/Laptop

Intel i5 8th Gen. 6 Cores
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Intel i7 12 Gen. 12 Cores
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Hard Disk:

GeForce GTX 1050 / 1050 Ti and newer.
Must support H.264 (AVCHD)
YUV 4:2:0
H.265 (HEVC) 4K YUV 4:2:0 is highly recommended


Windows 10/11 (Latest Version)

3. Network

Wi-Fi 5 Ghz
Min 20 Mbit

* The local network of the AR device must be capable of using  STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT), in case the Server is not located in the same network as the client

**Enable incoming TCP Port 9999 and outgoing UDP Ports 16384-32768

Implementation is easy

Integrating the Hololight Stream into your app is easy – Most integrations are completed in under 20 minutes.
We recommend Unity versions 2020.3.48 or 2021.3.26 and AR Foundation version 4.2.7. We also support MRTK versions 2.7.x and 2.8x.
As soon as you are registered, you will receive a Quick Start Guide via Email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

1. Where do I get the Client?

Either from the Microsoft Store for HoloLens, the Oculus/Meta Store for Meta devices, the Apple Store for iOS devices, or you can sideload them. The files to sideload are included in the repo (not for iOS!)

I can’t connect the Client to the SDK.

Here is a quick check list:

  • Do both the SDK and the client have the same version?
  • Are the PC running the SDK and the Client in the same network?
  • Have you entered the corrected IP address (of the PC running the SDK)?
  • Have you set the checkmark in Project Settings → XR Plug-in Management for Hololight Stream?
  • Is the firewall blocking the connection?
  • Are the required ports open?

2. Is there an Android Client?

The Android client is deprecated. There is no Android client for Hololight Stream 2023.0 and later.

3. Objects are not displayed correctly in the Client application.

If objects in the client application display incorrectly (e.g., incorrect colors or visible distortions), or if the environment in the client looks “strange”, the reason for this behavior could be that the rendering preferences are set for the wrong device.