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Augmented Reality for Product Development

AR as a Booster for Industry 4.0 –
How Augmented Reality is redefining product development

Augmented Reality (AR) is redefining many processes in business and society. Production companies in particular are benefiting from AR, because they are already successfully using the methodology along their entire value chain. For example, these companies are using AR in product development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, service and training.

In this white paper, you will read about:

  • how companies can use AR to increase the quality and productivity of their entire process chain
  • what a consistent Augmented Reality strategy can look like
  • the importance of digital continuity for an end-to-end digitized value chain
  • how Digital Twins and Augmented Reality are taking product development to a new level
  • how Hololight Space provides a well thought-out AR methodology to optimize development processes
  • how well-known companies are already successfully using AR
  • the role that AR plays in a sustainable economy

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