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The Industrial Metaverse

Industrial Metaverse –
Key Success Factors for Companies

The digital world and the real world are becoming increasingly mixed. This development is leading a new generation of the Internet in which the Metaverse is making the digital world more real and reality more digital. The Metaverse is based on real-time 3D content.

Virtual and Augmented Reality allow people to experience this 3D content much like real life: in three-dimensional space instead of on a flat monitor, with their own body as a natural interface.

The Industrial Metaverse accelerates work processes, enables higher quality results while reducing the use of real resources, thereby reducing costs.

You will read about:

  • History and importance of the Metaverse for companies
  • The Industrial Metaverse and its essentials for success
  • Streaming technology enabling the Industrial Metaverse ecosystem
  • Real-world examples and use cases

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