Hololight Space 2024.0.0.0 Release Update

Hololight Space 2024.0.0.0 is here!

Summer is finally here and so is the new version of Hololight Space. Our 2024.0.0.0 update is packed with new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update.

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Key Highlights of Hololight Space 2024.0.0.0

In the new release, we have introduced two major highlights.

  • New Licensing System: Our new licensing system now supports multiple architecture setups, including cloud/internet, local network, and local computer. We have created a comprehensive licensing user guide explaining the new system.
  • NVIDIA Omniverse Integration: Seamlessly load USD files prepared with materials (PBR) with our integrated connector.

What Else Is New in This Release

We’ve packed this release with several exciting updates and features:

New Tools

The new update introduces several exciting features to enhance the user experience. Firstly, Hand Collision Detection is a novel functionality designed to prevent virtual hands from intersecting with geometries, and it can be customized easily with simple parameters. Additionally, the Cross Section with X-Ray Effect feature allows users to combine primitives with X-Ray visual effects, providing a more thorough and detailed analysis. Furthermore, the Server Interface now supports Live Stream and Live XR Stream Annotation, enabling the integration of cross-section primitives with X-Ray effects for a more comprehensive and immersive streaming experience.

UI Improvements

The latest update also includes several user-friendly features for streamlined management and enhanced functionality. The Dedicated License Management Tab allows users to manage their licenses effortlessly, providing a centralized location for all licensing needs. The Server Connection Tab offers a detailed view of server connection status and information, including licensing status, and connection details via QR Code and IP address. Additionally, there is a new tab specifically for the Hololight Space Spectator application, which is now supported on the iPad Pro, enhancing accessibility and usability for users on this platform.

For Meta Quest 2 and 3 users, the Fly Mode Settings feature allows users to lock the ‘Fly Mode’ to horizontal movement, providing more control and stability during navigation. Users can effortlessly switch between 3-axis navigation and horizontal-only movement, enhancing the overall user experience and offering greater flexibility based on individual preferences and requirements.

There are many more enhancements, please read the release notes for a complete overview.

Two Other Important Pieces of Information

This is the final version of Hololight Space LT, available only in maintenance mode on the Microsoft Store. It is free of charge and does not require a license. Note that the JT importer has been removed, but all other 3D mesh-based supported file formats remain available.

Please also note that upgrading to Hololight Space 2024.0.0.0 requires you to switch to our new licensing system. You can follow the steps explained in our licensing guide.

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in Hololight Space 2024.0.0.0. Stay innovative and keep exploring new dimensions with Hololight Space! Contact us to learn more about the latest update, schedule a demo, and explore how Hololight Space can transform your engineering and design processes.Visit our download page or the Microsoft Store and try it out!