Hololight Stream

Create Better XR Experiences with Real-Time Streaming

Real-Time Streaming of AR/VR Apps

Hololight Stream is a powerful remote rendering solution designed to stream high-quality XR experiences from local servers or cloud-based infrastructure. Stream entire AR or VR applications, visualize high-polygon content, and use its cross platform compatibility to support AR/VR glasses, smartphones, and tablets.

Break Performance Limitations

Outsource the rendering process to more powerful servers, work with highly complex data and eliminate the need for data preparation.

Improve Data Security

Stream your XR applications in networks you control and protect your critical data because data is never stored on XR mobile devices.

Simplify XR Development

Develop XR applications at least 10x faster with a device-agnostic approach, native Unity 3D integration, and rapid application deployment.

Easy Integration in AR/VR Apps

Integrate the Hololight Stream SDK easily in your AR/VR Unity project and stream your applications via local servers or the cloud.

The Leading Industrial XR Streaming Solution

This cutting-edge technology enables organizations to deliver seamless, immersive AR and VR content to users regardless of their physical location. By leveraging Hololight Stream, developers can create and deploy a wide range of XR applications across multiple industries, increasing user engagement and delivering more dynamic experiences. The remote rendering capability of Hololight Stream ensures that even the most demanding and resource-intensive XR content can be rendered efficiently, allowing users to fully benefit from the groundbreaking potential of Augmented and Virtual reality applications.

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Our Hololight Stream Case Studies Are Customer Success Stories

Enhatch Elevates Surgery with XR Streaming

Enhatch’s software platform for healthcare and medtech automatically converts 2D images into 3D models. Hololight Stream provides the power and speed necessary to visualize this complex data on mobile XR devices.

ShipReality’s Customers Stream one Billion Points in AR

ShipReality enables holographic visualization of ultra large ship 3D laser scans merged with complex CAD design data – using the most advanced XR streaming technology available.

Omlox Combines the World of Tracking with Augmented Reality

Omlox solves an industry-wide problem, Hololight Stream enables the implementation: The companie’s tracking standard and the SDK strive for the revolution of industrial indoor navigation.

BMW Accelerates Concept Evaluations

Car manufacturer BMW uses Hololight Space at its Munich headquarters to speed up concept evaluations by as much as twelve months, from individual vehicle sections to complex production stages.

Data preparation time

Faster App Development

Parts streamed 3D models

Polygons visualized

Hololight Stream Knowledgebase

Want more technical details? Requirements, installation and setup process, release notes, user manual, and more – we’ve got you covered! Check out our extensive knowledgebase for more information and answers to your questions. If you would like to contact our support team, you can submit your request through our ticket system, which you can also find in the knowledgebase.

The Concept of Streaming AR/VR Applications

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Customers Who Put Their Trust in Us

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