Series ‘How to Establish AR in Product Development’ | Part 6

In this six-part series (read part five here), we answer the most pressing questions about establishing AR in product development and scaling it from pilot to multiple use cases. You will get practical tips to get you started.


Immersive AR is a powerful new visualization and interaction technology that will transform all 3D data-based business processes in the coming years.

Getting started with AR is easy, but evolving and scaling it requires more attention. It takes executives with decision-making authority who are committed to AR and have the foresight to integrate the technology into processes at key points across the enterprise.

Therefore, it is important to have clear ownership of AR projects and the Industrial Metaverse strategy. This will help establish and drive adoption across the organization.

Typical job titles for these roles include: 

  • Mixed Reality Solutions Lead, 
  • Industrial Metaverse Manager, 
  • Metaverse Ecosystem Manager, 
  • Head of Extended Reality 
  • or Chief Metaverse Officer. 

In related job postings, companies typically look for leadership skills, management experience, a basic technical understanding of 3D content and environments, knowledge of mixed reality hardware and software, and digital transformation experience.

We began this guide with a vision of the future of Iron Man. We want to end it by looking to the future as well: Think in transformations, not quarters. 

Companies entering the Industrial Metaverse now have an early adopter advantage, similar to companies that had their first website online in the 1990s. Immersive AR is the fastest and most effective way to enter the Industrial Metaverse, and it can be up and running in no time.

Action Points: 

  • Implement in the short term, plan for the long term: AR can accelerate product development processes in a matter of days. 
  • The Industrial Metaverse evolves over months and years, incorporates VR and mixed reality, and spans all areas of the enterprise.