Introducing the Latest Innovations in Hololight Space: NVIDIA Omniverse Support and Live XRStream

Hololight Space is the premier solution for industrial Augmented and Virtual Reality engineering, and the latest release is no exception. This update is packed with features that enhance the user experience and streamline XR interactions. Let’s dive into what makes this release so exciting. Watch the video and read our quick guide below.

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New Live XRStream for Native Live Streaming

Our dedicated team has poured their expertise into creating a native live stream that is unparalleled in the XR space. This is a game-changer that allows users to watch the XR experience unfold server-side with exceptional visual quality and performance – a feat unmatched in the industry.

Nvidia Omniverse Integration

USD files make it easy to transfer 3D scenes between platforms, while Nvidia Omniverse provides a robust environment for real-time 3D collaboration. Hololight Space now seamlessly integrates with Nvidia Omniverse using the USD Managed System for seamless file storage and management.

A New Era of User Experience and Customization

We’ve refined the user interface with a sleek, intuitive design that ensures every feature and functionality is just a click away. Our commitment to enhancing the user experience is woven into every pixel, every interaction within Hololight Space.

Customization is king, and with our enhanced quick menu options, it’s quick and easy. We understand that every engineer has unique needs, and our new menu options cater to that diversity, providing quick access to a wider range of features.

Introducing the Space Manager and Property Panel

Say goodbye to the hierarchy menu and hello to the Space Manager – the new heart of Hololight Space. This central component is where the magic happens, allowing you to interact with every object and tool with unparalleled ease.

The new Property Panel is a testament to our commitment to interactivity. Now, selecting objects or parts reveals a detailed view of their properties, and applying visual filters or effects is a breeze. This gives you the tools to create a more dynamic and immersive interaction with your projects.

Unified Main Menu and Streamlined Importing

The ability to import multiple objects with a single interaction is a significant time saver. This feature not only streamlines the process, but also allows for more creative freedom in organizing and designing your XR space.

Gone are also the days of navigating through complex menus to find what you need. The new unified main menu in Hololight Space brings all your essential settings under one roof, making customization and configuration easy.

Collision Detection Has Evolved

We’ve expanded this essential feature to include geometry intersections, increasing the realism and precision of your XR experience. And with our experimental physics functionality, you can turn rigid models into flexible realities – imagine reshaping cables and wires within your design to explore the optimal fit.

Object Tracking: Precision perfected

Our new edge detection system for object tracking is a marvel of precision. It enables flawless overlay of design data onto physical prototypes, ensuring that your AR device delivers a flawless match, no matter what the disturbance. This means you can conduct quality reviews with confidence, backed by the most accurate tracking Hololight Space has ever offered.

VR Capabilities and Personalized Environments

We’re also expanding our VR horizons. Customize your virtual workspace with personal panoramic images, creating an environment that inspires and aligns with your vision. For explorers at heart, our new Fly Mode will set you free. Navigate the vastness of your model with ease, directing your journey with a simple point of the controller and a nudge of the joystick.

Ready, Set, Download!

This latest version of Hololight Space is a treasure trove of innovation just waiting for you to unlock its full potential. We invite you to visit our download page or visit the Microsoft and Meta Store.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this new release. Your feedback is the compass that guides our journey of continuous improvement. Full release notes are available on our support site.