World’s first at Laval Virtual: Collaborate across AR and VR

April 12 – 14, Laval, France | Hall B – Booth 22

Visualize 3D data as holograms, edit them collaboratively and close the gap between virtual planning and reality: At Laval Virtual, XR expert Holo-Light will demonstrate how immersive technologies simplify and accelerate product development and how to collaborate across Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Holo-Light´s XR engineering application AR 3S is the first worldwide to enable interaction and multi-user mode between AR and VR.

Engineers and industrial designers use AR 3S to visualize complex 3D CAD models in original size, merge them with physical components and evaluate them in the actual environment. With AR 3S, all parties involved in product development can be integrated into the collaboration process and work on the same digital twin, in real-time and regardless of location. The latest version of AR 3S offers even more flexibility and scalability: In addition to AR devices like Microsoft HoloLens 2, AR 3S now also supports VR devices like Meta Quest 2 and enables seamless interaction between the two. Whether used across AR and VR or in AR only: With AR 3S, engineers and industrial designers can make concept validations up to twelve months earlier, identify design errors at an early stage and accelerate the process from planning to design and implementation significantly.

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