Danfoss Simplifies Product Training with AR

A New Form of Product Training

Augmented reality can deliver some of the most exciting advances in the presentation and training of complex products. Global engineering company Danfoss Climate Solutions uses the technology to maximize internal stakeholder engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

When the stakes are high, the tools you use to communicate your point or value proposition will matter the most: Augmented reality has transformed how global engineering innovator Danfoss Climate Solutions has approached product presentations and trainings for its internal stakeholders and customers. The company uses the AR software Hololight Space to visualize complex products in 3D to provide a captivating experience of learning and understanding.

Choosing the Right Augmented Reality Software and Partner

Keeping in line with the company’s DNA of “engineering tomorrow”, Danfoss Climate Solutions was looking to drive digital transformation by implementing augmented reality into its processes. The company reached out to various AR suppliers, seeking high flexibility and a strong support culture. “We chose Hololight as our entryway to augmented reality engineering. It was easy to discuss use cases and solutions,” remarked Kabileshkumar Cheetancheri, Senior Project Manager at Danfoss.

Hololight’s software Hololight Space is a new tool to improve and simplify workflows in planning, development, and presentation. It enables users to visualize, manipulate, and work collaboratively on 3D designs. “One part I was always interested in, is how we can add a new dimension to interacting with and explaining complex products – internally and externally for our customers,” said Cheetancheri. The product presentation and training use case emerged quickly as the AR software showed itself to be very easy and intuitive in use. With Hololight Space, Danfoss Climate Solutions was able to add real value to internal product demos with company stakeholders and help customers have a better understanding of its products.

Adding a Third Dimension to Data Visualization

Visualizing complex concepts as holographic digital twins enhances the product experience. The augmented reality application allows to demonstrate every product feature and focus on any component of the machine as needed. For example, individual components can be shown or hidden from the complete hierarchy tree of the CAD file. The visual aspect of learning also enables users to retain more information and understand complex workings. 

One of the main Hololight Space features Danfoss Climate Solutions uses is the instant cross section. This function provides a sectional view to the innerworkings of a design. When reviewing a concept, the cross section is very helpful to see every detail and check for any design flaws. To validate products Danfoss Climate Solutions is also working a lot with 3D printing. With Hololight Space, users can now first verify the virtual design and then go for the 3D printing. This way, prototype designs are near close to the final product.

AR for Business Demonstrations and Product Training

Hololight Space helps Danfoss Climate Solutions to showcase the company’s products in a very innovative way. “Showing products virtually in augmented reality creates great excitement, because you have the possibility to interact with every component. This would not be possible with real products,” noted Kabileshkumar Cheetancheri. Augmented reality can take customer satisfaction to a higher level as AR creates great immersion and helps customers with their purchasing decisions. In times of social distancing, it also helps to connect with customers remotely and still have an impressive showing and experience. 

“When you put on the AR glasses and see the 3D model immediately there is definitely a wow factor. Furthermore, we can give people an overview of how integrated components would fit in the whole system,” said Cheetancheri. Therefore, AR presentations work very well for new and upcoming product demonstrations and it’s also very effective for training, showing a heightened engagement and retention rate. Just having the visualizations in augmented reality helps people understand complex products.

Engineering Tomorrow

To provide added value, Danfoss Climate Solutions is also using augmented reality in other departments like R&D and manufacturing. “We believe that augmented reality will continue to transform engineering workflows and how enterprises communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally,” asserted Kabileshkumar Cheetancheri. “Hololight is also making Hololight Space better every time.”