EU Horizon IntellIoT – A New Framework for Human-Defined IoT

From smart homes to self-driving cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled us to do things that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Now, thanks to the EU-funded IntellIoT project, we are on the brink of taking our interactions with IoT devices and systems to a new level. The project aims to create intelligent environments that make use of semi-autonomous applications in areas such as agriculture and manufacturing – all while allowing human experts to maintain an essential role in controlling and teaching these AI-enabled systems.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how IntellIoT works and what it means for our future interactions with technology.

13 Partners to Foster the Development of Humanized IoT

The concept of human-centered technology is at the heart of the IntellIoT project, and Hololight is one of over a dozen partners working together to create a framework that incorporates semi-autonomous applications in agriculture and manufacturing. In this model, humans retain oversight and control over AI agents and are responsible for any resulting outcomes.

Hololight contributed to the development of two use cases, including an augmented remote operation of an intelligent agricultural vehicle and a human-machine cooperation in shared manufacturing plants. Contributions included use case requirements, architectures, IoT/edge infrastructure management, as well as integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) visualizations.

Augmented Reality in Agriculture

The agricultural industry is being plagued by serious and sometimes fatal accidents involving farming vehicles. To address this issue, the IntellIoT project has developed an intelligent IoT environment which includes semi-autonomous agricultural vehicles. However, human intervention is still needed in uncertain situations such as when animals cross the vehicle path or when dust or other particles occur. Therefore, it is crucial that remote human operators refine the actions of the AI by taking remote control of the vehicle.

Autonomous tractor scanning agricultural plot, Future technology with smart agriculture farming concept
Future technology with smart agriculture farming concept: Autonomous tractor scanning agricultural plot.

Using immersive technology, operators can view a 360° live stream from the vehicle, providing an up-close view of its surroundings. The implemented IoT/edge and networking infrastructure, combined with XR streaming technology provided by Hololight, further enables secure and reliable operation. Additionally, augmented data accuracy is achieved when real-time feedback from the operator, who can take manual control if needed, is used to enhance data received from the autonomous vehicles. This combination of manual and automated systems not only optimizes safety but also increases efficiency within the agricultural industry by providing better insights into operations, improving decision-making capabilities, optimizing cost savings, and maintaining productivity levels for greater yields throughout the year.

AR Supported Human-Machine Cooperation in Manufacturing

IntellIoT’s revolutionary concept enables advanced, flexible, and individualized production in the manufacturing industry of the future. It allows shared manufacturing plants to operate more efficiently, with multiple customers utilizing them as a service. This system uses intelligent IoT technology to derive a production plan from product data received from clients and selects the necessary machines for each step of the process. Additionally, optimized transport paths are planned through a combination of robots, autonomous guided vehicles, and AI.

Where AI may not be sufficiently confident about a production step or workpiece handling, “human-in-the-loop” control can be employed via remote access, leveraging AR technologies to provide expert guidance to the AI. This ensures accuracy, reliability, and safety throughout all aspects of the operation, with tactile feedback being present and networks being secure. With these augmented inputs, AI systems can be further trained to increase efficiency.

A New Era of Intelligent Environments

The IntellIoT project is a major milestone in the development of intelligent IoT environments. Combining AI, IoT technology, AR and VR with human expertise will enable novel use cases across multiple industries. The emphasis on distributed human-defined autonomy provides us with greater control over semi-autonomous systems – allowing us to maintain supervision while still taking advantage of their capabilities.

The potential applications for this project are vast and varied, from agricultural fleets to shared manufacturing plants. As we move towards an increasingly AI-driven future, Hololight is proud to be part of the IntellIoT project, which stands as a testament to the possibilities that come with working together with our machines in an intelligent environment.