Mobile World Congress: Hololight enables Accenture’s new Industrial Metaverse framework through Streaming

Work together in the field, even if you’re miles or even oceans apart, and solve issues as a team in real-time: At this year´s Mobile World Congress, Hololight and Accenture are demonstrating a use case that shows how the Industrial Metaverse is already a reality. At booth 4B30, hall 4, a demo of Accenture´s new digitization framework `Boundless Collaboration´ will bring together Mixed Reality, 5G and edge computing, literally overcoming all boundaries for teamwork. Hololight´s business-ready Industrial Metaverse platform, Hololight Hub, enables streaming, making Boundless Collaboration possible.

Boundless Collaboration is a digitization framework that integrates Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies with tools such as digital twins and 5G. Cloud-streaming, enabled by Hololight´s Hololight Hub platform, ensures the necessary performance power for displaying complex data sets in real-time, breaking the limitations of XR devices. Accenture used Hololight´s solution as a starting point for developing Boundless Collaboration with minimal effort. The framework can run on AR devices, such as Microsoft HoloLens 2, as well as on VR devices, such as Meta Quest Pro.

Use Case Demo: Remote Collaboration in the Metaverse

The mimicked use case in the context of an electrical substation will demonstrate a connected worker journey supported by a rover and remote peers using metaverse-enabled collaboration, streamlining field operation and maintenance activities.

Boundless Collaboration transforms teamwork by allowing users to cooperate in real-time, bridging the divide between on-site and remote co-workers. They converge in a shared virtual-real environment, where they can visualize each other’s avatars and interact with their surroundings as if they were in the same location – while having the benefit of being able to interact with their surroundings. This leads to enhanced collaboration, supporting organizations in overcoming the grip posed by physical distance and time restrictions to improve productivity.

Visit Accenture’s booth (booth 4B30, hall 4) at Mobile World Congress 2023 and experience how Mixed Reality, cloud-streaming and 5G work together to enable, literally, Boundless Collaboration.