Release of Hololight Space (formerly AR 3S) 2023.0: Collaborate across AR and VR

Version 2023.0 of our Augmented Reality Engineering Space Hololight Space has just been released on the Microsoft Store. With this update, Hololight Space is the world’s first professional Industrial Metaverse application to enable interaction and multi-user mode between AR and VR. Overall, the new release addresses user feedback and focuses on improving the functionality of the product as well as the user experience. Let’s take a closer look at the changes.

New Features

Meta Quest 2 support & AR and VR collaboration

The most notable addition is that Hololight Space now supports the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, enabling seamless interaction and multi-user mode between AR and VR, making it more versatile and accessible for users. Multi-user sessions are now supported in AR+AR, AR+VR, and VR+VR constellations.

New hierarchy functionalities

The new version also comes with new hierarchy functionalities, including ‘Drop to Floor’, which makes it easier to place objects at the origin level of the world space, and ‘Outline Mode’ for highlighting the skeleton of objects. 

Other new features include different VR environments to choose from (studio, shop floor), the ability to toggle the main menu, as well as an updated and easier to use ‘Invert Selection’ option.

Smoother User Experience 

In addition to the new features, the Hololight Space 2023.0 update introduces several usability enhancements, including the integration of the “Main Menu” into the Quick Access Hand Menu and the ability to further customize the Quick Tools Hand Menu. Menu windows are now displayed based on the placement of the corresponding activation buttons in the main menu, making it easier to keep track of them. And to further improve the UX, larger icons have been added to the Hierarchy toolbar, and tooltip descriptions are now easier to read.

Whether working in AR or VR environments: the new features and improvements introduced in this release are sure to make the experience more productive and enjoyable.

For a complete list of additions and enhancements, as well as more details on the new AR3S release, please see the Release Notes.