Series ‘How to Establish AR in Product Development’ | Part 4

In this six-part series (read part three here), we answer the most pressing questions about establishing AR in product development and scaling it from pilot to multiple use cases. You will get practical tips to get you started.

What about IT Integration and Data Security?

When it comes to IT integration, security is paramount. Only when all standards are met can immersive AR even be considered.

single source of truth approach to data hosting reduces direct access to data and ensures the highest level of security at the source. This proven approach also applies to immersive AR. Your Augmented Reality infrastructure should seamlessly integrate with your existing single source approach.

For successful and scalable integration, your central platform for immersive XR applications (AR, VR, MR) should also support as many devices as possible for different application scenarios, just as WhatsApp runs on every smartphone.

The use of an AR platform with streaming functionality lends itself to both scenarios. Users access an interactive video stream instead of running the application locally on the device. The original data remains on the secure server and the video stream can be processed on any device.

As explained in Section 1, digital continuity is the key success factor for immersive AR. The streaming solution must deliver the XR data to the headset in the highest quality and detail. The processing power of today’s standalone XR headsets is insufficient for the amount and complexity of data required.

As a result, lossless streaming is the only way to integrate and scale immersive AR into enterprise IT, and it does not require a dedicated data network – in most cases, enterprises can use their existing network infrastructure for XR streaming.

Action Points:

  • Define the scope of your security standards and involve IT from day one.
  • Rely on a centralized data platform and AR applications with an integrated streaming solution for maximum data quality and security.