echo3D Simplifies 3D Development with XR Streaming

Recent studies show that AR experiences are twice as engaging as their non-AR counterparts. However, facilitating the development of front-end intensive experiences such as 3D, AR/VR, and Metaverse applications remains a challenge. Enter echo3D, an innovative platform that has been revolutionizing 3D development and asset management since 2018. Leveraging Hololight’s Hololight Stream for XR streaming, echo3D is improving the way developers create and manage immersive 3D experiences for real-time applications.

Solving the Scalability Challenge

Traditional 3D development faces scalability limitations because AR/VR and Metaverse applications are typically designed for interaction with static content. Updating 3D content across platforms is a cumbersome task that often requires adherence to platform-specific specifications. Onboarding customers becomes a struggle as each change to the application results in endless development cycles.

To address this, echo3D provides a cross-platform backend infrastructure and comprehensive 3D asset management tools that enable developers to overcome scalability issues and create compelling 3D experiences. The platform provides a comprehensive solution that allows developers to easily manage, update and stream their 3D content for real-time 3D, AR, VR and Metaverse applications. By migrating 3D assets to the cloud, echo3D helps create lightweight and dynamic applications that can be updated remotely, saving time, money and effort.

The Importance of Quality and Smooth Throughput

One of echo3D’s biggest challenges is ensuring a reliable, high-quality experience for its users. “Augmented Reality on a device is only half of the equation. The way the user interacts with the technology is the most important,” says Alon Grinshpoon, CEO of echo3D.

“Typically, we try to find technology that supports our capabilities and functionality and also solves a problem. Since we support cloud-hosted 3D assets, we work backwards from there when building our prototypes and demos. Being able to integrate another piece of cutting-edge technology like the XR Streaming Hololight Stream to add an extra layer of functionality gives us a powerful punch to present to potential customers,” adds Grinshpoon.

Integrating XR Streaming with Hololight Stream

Hololight’s Hololight Stream is a software component that enables high-quality, immersive AR/VR experiences by streaming applications from the cloud or local servers. By leveraging XR Streaming and cloud technology, echo3D has been able to deliver smaller, faster, and more scalable projects that demonstrate the true potential of cloud streaming.

Hololight Stream has enabled echo3D to enhance its industrial training prototypes and use cases, providing seamless integration of CAD models into applications. This powerful combination of technologies has allowed echo3D to offer a comprehensive solution that meets the high standards of both its customers and itself.

Supercharging 3D Development

Using echo3D, developers can reduce development costs and deployment time by over 90%, while dramatically reducing the size of their applications by over 95%. With the integration of XR Streaming technology such as the Hololight Stream, echo3D is poised to revolutionize the 3D development industry. “We want our audience to quickly understand the power of XR cloud streaming and experience the benefits of smaller, faster and more scalable projects,” concludes Alon Grinshpoon.