Change The Game: Hololight Space Multi-Device Upgrade

Introducing the latest milestone in XR engineering – the Hololight Space Multi-Device Update, a service release designed to broaden the horizons of engineering and design through enhanced device support and innovative features. This release marks a pivotal enhancement from our previous compatibility with HoloLens 2 and Quest 2, showcasing our commitment to embracing a wider array of XR devices.

Multi Device Update: From HoloLens 2 and Quest 2 to MagicLeap 2 and Meta Quest 3

Building upon our foundation with HoloLens 2 and Quest 2, the Hololight Space 2023.1.1.0 update extends our support to include MagicLeap 2 and Meta Quest 3. This strategic expansion ensures that more users can experience the transformative power of XR engineering, regardless of their device preference.

Device Agnostic: Enabling a Broader Reach

  • Magic Leap 2: Integrating MagicLeap 2 support, we’re pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, providing a more immersive and intuitive design experience that complements our existing AR capabilities with HoloLens 2.
  • Meta Quest 3: By embracing Meta Quest 3, we’re enhancing our VR offerings beyond Quest 2, offering higher fidelity visuals and improved user experience, allowing for even more immersive and detailed design exploration.

Key Features of the 2023.1.1.0 Update: 

This update isn’t just about expanding device support; it introduces a suite of enhancements designed to streamline and enrich your engineering workflow.

Video Passthrough for Meta Quest 3/2 & Pro

It is now possible to activate the Video Passthrough in the Hololight Space Client, giving you the option for even better Immersive Experience. It allows you to work with you CAD files in VR while maintaining a connection to the real world and your surroundings.

Unified Main Menu + Quick Tools Menu

Accessing the tools and settings you need has never been easier. With the unified main menu and quick tools menu, we’ve streamlined the user interface to ensure that essential features are always at your fingertips, minimizing disruptions to your creative process.

Advanced Hologram Stability

The update brings an improvement in focus plane hologram stability via Hololight Stream, ensuring that your holographic content remains sharp and stable, thereby providing a consistent and reliable design experience.

Inclusion of Japanese Language Support

With the addition of beta Japanese language support, we’re opening the doors to a broader community of engineers and designers, making Hololight Space more accessible and user-friendly across the globe.

Your Invitation to the Future of XR Engineering

Whether you’re transitioning from HoloLens 2 or Quest 2, or new to MagicLeap 2 and Meta Quest 3, this update is designed to elevate your engineering workflow to new heights.

Ready to take your designs further? Contact us to learn more about the latest update, schedule a demo, or explore how Hololight Space can transform your engineering and design processes.

Full release notes are available on our support site.

Visit our download page or visit the Microsoft Store and Meta Store and try it out!