Felder Group Transforms Woodworking with XR Streaming

Smart Machine Operation with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is making waves in unexpected places, including the woodworking industry. In our latest video case study, discover how Felder Group, a global leader in woodworking machinery, has harnessed the power of Hololight Stream to take their AR application, F4®Vision, to the next level.

Key Highlights

  • Challenge: Felder Group needed a way to increase the accuracy and efficiency of positioning non-square workpieces on its advanced CNC machines.
  • Solution: Enter Hololight’s XR streaming technology. By powering Felder’s AR application, F4®Vision, it is now possible to provide intuitive AR-guided positioning for clamping devices and workpieces.
  • Result: Real-time visualization of complex data, fewer errors, and increased productivity. This solution makes it feasible to profitably produce even single, custom pieces.

Watch the video to see how Felder Group is redefining woodworking standards with the help of Hololight Stream.

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