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XR in Mechanical Engineering

XR in Mechanical Engineering

Optimizing Processes and Reducing Costs

Shortened production cycles, quality requirements, price erosion, energy costs and a shortage of skilled workers pose several challenges for mechanical and plant engineering. XR technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) offer the potential to address these and optimize work processes. They increase efficiency, simplifiy prototyping, allow design errors to be detected at an early stage and improve quality control. In addition, XR makes industrial companies ready for the Industrial Metaverse. To stay competitive, machine and plant builders should embrace XR now.

In this Industry Spotlight for Mechanical and Plant Engineering, including a case study from the industry, you will read about

– How companies are using XR technologies to streamline engineering workflows.

– How they are using AR to make prototyping easier and more efficient.

– Why streaming is key to using XR technologies effectively.

– How XR is paving the way to the Industrial Metaverse.

– How ENGIE Refrigeration has optimized its engineering processes with AR and continues to move into the future with AR.

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