Hololight Space (formerly AR 3S) Release

Hololight Space is here. Its magic lies in the new loading cube experience, the support of new file formats (FBX, STL) as well as UX improvements. 

The new version of the Hololight Space makes opening a new file and aligning it even easier and more intuitive. The reason for this improvement is the new loading cube experience, which includes a preview function. By selecting a file from the file browser, the cube and a model within appears with a preview function. Thereby users can test different scales and orientation of their model, before placing and aligning it in the room.   

Furthermore Hololight Space got a new feature accelerating the workflow for 3D CAD import. The integration allows 3D files to be configured and opened in Hololight Space by Drag’n Drop. Another convenient novelty is the support of native file upload of FBX as well as STL.  

Choose the right scale and alignment via Preview function