Introducing: The New Hololight Space (formerly AR 3S) Spectator – View XR Sessions on an iPad Pro
Tags: AR/VR

Allow us to introduce you to the new and exciting add-on application we recently launched for our XR Engineering Space Hololight Space: Hololight Space Spectator. First of all, for the readers who haven’t heard of Hololight Space yet: It’s an XR Engineering application for AR and VR devices that streamlines and accelerates product development through 3D CAD data visualization. As the first Industrial Metaverse application to enable AR and VR collaboration, Hololight Space is revolutionizing engineering and design teamwork.

Now, Hololight Space is even more versatile: We launched Hololight Space Spectator, an application that allows bystanders to connect to the same server and watch the AR user interact with the loaded objects displayed as holograms in real time on an iPad Pro.

Easily Include People in Collaboration

If you have ever worked in XR as part of a team, you are probably familiar with the following scenario: Colleagues wearing the AR or VR devices are interacting with the holograms, doing important and amazing work in the digital environment – but all you see as a bystander are people gesturing and moving around in the room. This makes it impossible for anyone not wearing an XR device to participate in the collaboration, slowing down projects.

With Hololight Space Spectator, bystanders can see both the AR user and the hologram – be it a 3D prototype of a component, a visualization of a factory layout, or a 3D model of a machine. If the AR user is in a multi-user session, viewers can also see the avatars of the other participants and their interactions with the hologram. This allows them to follow every step of the process and provide input based on that. In this way, Hololight Space Spectator enables industrial XR collaboration without the need for an additional pair of HoloLens 2 or Meta Quest 2. With the iPad Pro as the required device, the cost is very manageable. What’s more, the Hololight Space Spectator allows the iPad user to capture video and snapshots of the other team member’s interactions.

Please note that the Hololight Space Spectator application allows the user to visualize the 3D CAD data holograms, but not to manipulate or interact with them, and is not a cloud-based application. For more details on Hololight Space Spectator and to download the application, please visit the Apple App Store