Release of Hololight Space (formerly AR 3S) 2022.1

Version 2022.1 of our Augmented Reality Engineering Space Hololight Space is available. It comes with several new, respectively improved features that will provide even greater value to users from various industries. With this latest iteration, we’re making AR3S even more convenient – improving engineering workflows to further empower people to create, build and operate seamlessly in the digital space. 

Hololight Space: What´s new?

VisionLib object tracking via streaming

Hololight is the first provider worldwide to bring object tracking via VisionLib to Microsoft’s HoloLens in combination with streaming. Taking a tracked object as a reference, users can now accurately visualize holograms placed in the physical world, and thus assess the object´s positioning and functionality. Combined with streaming, data and polygon use becomes virtually unlimited. 

Object stacking and comparison

This handy new feature enables users to compare two objects with great precision. In a few clicks, the user can stack two objects into one another, which are then displayed as an overlay. Moving a slider along an axis provides a side-by-side 3D comparison of the items, which can be used to track minor differences between design iterations. Hololight Space is the first application to bring this feature to AR. 

X-ray mode 

The brand new X-ray mode for objects enables users to display objects in X-ray vision (either in color or black-and-white), thus revealing all layers and otherwise hidden parts. Assigning transparency properties to part of the assembly makes it easy to find and focus on specific objects without losing the view on the assembly as a whole.

Annotations directly on the 3D object

A range of new marking options enables users to create visual annotations on 3D objects. With the option to draw manually or choose the marker’s shape and color, this feature enables users to give visual feedback and input, e.g. during reviews or in. A set of stencils – pre-designed as well as customizable – lets the user assign a status to objects and scenarios, such as “final” or “confidential”. What´s more, users can now add visual elements such as JPGs or PNGs from their library as annotations.

Hand Pose Capture colors and animation

With the release of AR3S 2022 at the start of this year, we introduced `Hand Pose Capture´ as a new and innovative feature. Whether in single- or multi-user sessions, hand poses and positions can be captured and stored in “AR3S Space” for review and evaluation purposes. Now, we’ve made this feature even more convenient. Firstly, users can now choose from a range of colors for the hands in the capture – which can be used to signal whether a hand pose is working out, for example. Secondly, users can now record the process of positioning the hands and review it as an animation.

What´s new in terms of UI/UX? 

New improvements regarding UI/UX ensure that working with the latest version of AR3S is even more customizable and convenient.

Supported CAD systems and file formats 

AR3S has always supported the import of a wide range of the most diffuse files formats CAD data comes in, from a variety of CAD systems and programs. Version 2022.1 now provides native support for Siemens NX and Solid Edge, Catia v5, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. And in addition to FBX and OBJ, STEP can now easily be loaded into the AR Engineering Space without the need to alter or prepare the data.

Customizable hand menu 

To optimally support each AR3S user in their specific workflow, we added the option to customize the quick-tools hand menu. The user can choose which hand to assign the menu to, as well as which selection and manipulation modes to include. What´s more, the “view distance” icons can be enabled or disabled as preferred.

New Functionalities in the hierarchy menu and file browser

Since the hierarchy menu is the heart of AR3S, we’ve added some handy new functionalities to make its operation as convenient as can be.

Engineers often work with objects that contain an enormous number of parts and entail details down to the smallest screw. As such, convenient and organized access to all parts is key. In the hierarchy menu, users can now pin parts to quickly access them again later. And the newly added smart search bar enables users to search for items by name or just a few characters, while new filters allow for sifting through the list using characteristics such as “pinned” or “visible”. 

What´s more, the improved hierarchy menu automatically scrolls to the last part selected in the hologram – so users can switch between working on the object and handling the hierarchy in just one click. And the new lock-feature allows users to determine that a specific part won´t be affected by interactions with the hologram, like rotating or repositioning. 

In the file browser, users can now sort the content by name, type, file size and date – an important feature to access models quickly, especially when working with an extensive library. For further details on the new AR3S Release, please refer to the Release Notes.

AR3S 2022.1 is available for download via the Hololight Customer Center and the Microsoft Store.