Introducing the New Version of Hololight Stream

Welcome to the next frontier of mixed reality streaming with Hololight Stream version 2023.1.0! We’re thrilled to introduce new features and expanded device support that will elevate your immersive experiences to new heights. Let’s dive into the 2023.1.0 newest release.

Enhatch and Hololight Announce Partnership

Enhatch and Holo-Light partner to launch streaming platform to deliver Augmented Reality and Virtual Training for surgery

Unity Verified Solutions Partner

Hololight Becomes First AR/VR Streaming Provider to Join Unity Verified Solutions Partner Program

Immersive Streaming Platform Hololight Hub

Hololight is building the first Streaming as a Service platform to host and stream every XR application.

High Performance Processing for Virtual Reality

New: Software Development Kit “ISAR” enables real-time streaming of most complex VR applications to Oculus Quest 2 devices.

XR Streaming for Oculus Quest 2

Hololight Stream is available now for Oculus Quest 2 The streaming solution for AR and VR apps combines performance and graphics power with wireless mobility. Hololight Stream works on-premises or via cloud. A cross-platform approach accelerates app...