Our Augmented and Virtual Reality Predictions for 2024

As we kick off 2024, the industrial landscape is buzzing with the electricity of innovation. Last year laid the groundwork, with a surge of companies not just flirting with Augmented and Virtual Reality (XR), but committing to it wholeheartedly. From the shop floor to...

Hololight Secures $12 Million to Fast-Track the Future of XR Streaming

Hololight announces new funding to accelerate its vision to stream any XR application on Hololight Hub, the industry’s first XR streaming platform.

Augmented WorldExpo (AWE) Europe 2023

October 24-25, 2023 | in Vienna, Europe | Austria Center Vienna, Booth 259

Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) 2023

October 24–26, 2023 | in Houston, Texas | Westchester Room, Booth 33

Omlox Combines the World of Tracking with Augmented Reality

omlox solves an industry-wide problem. Hololight Stream enables the implementation. With augmented reality, the omlox tracking standard and the XR streaming solution strive for the revolution of industrial indoor navigation.