Hololight Stream (formerly ISAR SDK) and associated Clients Release

Hololight is pleased to announce Hololight Stream The updated version of the Software Development Kit introduces a range of handy new features, such as Quest 2 input support and AR Foundation subsystems. 

  • Quest 2 input support allows for far pointer interaction and hand updates via the end device, so that developers can make the most of the features Quest 2 provides. 
  • As of the latest release, developers using AR Foundation can also work with Hololight Stream; AR Foundation including its subsystems is available within Hololight’s SDK. 
  • Another newly added benefit of Hololight Stream is the virtual microphone driver. As an example, it enables users in a multi-user session to talk to each other via their devices. Since the driver is server authoritative, it can be enabled or disabled as preferred and needed. 
  • To ensure that developers do not miss out on available telemetry, provided by HoloLens 2, the new release comes with a spatial mesh understanding for Unity’s Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK). This means that the spatial mesh itself and all the data associated with it, such as mapping and surface information, can be processed with MRTK.

In addition to overall performance and stability optimizations, certain features are improved with the new Hololight Stream release:

  • Hololight Stream enables Unity specific audio streaming instead of a system audio mix, ensuring that only the audio from the respective Unity app is captured.
  • The latest version of Hololight Stream comes with a congestion control system which provides additional control for frame overflow and GPU frame management.

For more details, kindly refer to the official release notes in the Release Notes.

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