The Evolution of Hololight: Rebranding

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) are not only changing perceptions, they are driving business innovation, improving workflows, and ushering in a new era of sustainability and quality. At Hololight, we’ve been at the forefront of this transformation, defining the use of immersive technologies in the enterprise market and empowering every organization and individual to visualize the future today.

Now, we‘re embarking on a transformative rebranding journey to better represent the maturity of our products and our relentless commitment to innovation in the XR space – but first, let’s take a quick look at our journey.

The Origin of Hololight

Our journey began in 2015, born out of the passion and vision of four technology enthusiasts: Florian Haspinger, Susanne Haspinger, Alex Werlberger, and Luis Bollinger. Their combined passion for technology and the introduction of Microsoft’s AR headset, HoloLens, inspired them to create Hololight with the goal of revolutionizing industrial processes by developing breakthrough software for smart glasses.

We quickly developed a strong and creative collaborations with industry giants such as BMW Group, BASF, Festo, and Thyssenkrupp. One of of our first projects was to visualize the BMW i8 in AR and develop a CAD viewer. This eventually led to the software application Hololight Space (formerly known as AR 3S – Augmented Reality Engineering Space). Working closely with the industry has always been a key factor in Hololight’s success and has allowed us to address many of the industry’s challenges in the area of immersive technologies.

In order to overcome the limited computing power of mobile devices and to be able to display data in full quality, we started working very early on a streaming solution, which finally became market-ready with the release of the Hololight Stream SDK (formerly known as ISAR) in 2019 and was later extended to the XR streaming platform Hololight Hub (formerly known as XRnow). Today, Hololight is home to a dedicated team of more than 80 technology and industry experts who are committed to unlocking the full potential of augmented and virtual reality.

The Right Time for Rebranding

For us, Hololight is already a success story, so you might ask, why rebrand? We are doing it to reflect our evolved products, mature market positioning and commitment to driving XR innovation.

  • Increased product awareness: We’re implementing a robust strategy to increase awareness of our three primary product lines.
  • Evolutionary positioning: Both our products and our market presence have matured; our new brand will embody this evolution.
  • Modernization and Unification: Our refreshed design offers a contemporary, unified, and sophisticated aesthetic.

Our rejuvenated brand launches today, and as a Hololight follower or interested Hololight historian, we have a quick overview of the new branding.

Hololight Rebranding old and new logos

Our legacy brands will become something new under one clear brand house. As we embark on this new chapter, we thank our customers and partners and invite you to join us in experiencing and shaping the future of immersive technologies.