Hololight Showcases the Transformation of NVIDIA Omniverse Data into Immersive Experiences with Hololight Hub

San Jose, Calif. – GTC – March 18 2024 – Hololight today announced it is demonstrating how to use NVIDIA Omniverse and its Hololight Hub platform to transform OpenUSD-based data into immersive experiences  at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference running March 18-21. 

On display in the XR Zone at booth #1639, Hololight Hub, Hololight’s enterprise streaming platform for spatial computing, is designed for enterprises to manage and distribute augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications at scale. This spatial computing hub provides centralized application management and seamless access to 3D content from anywhere, on any device. Its connection to NVIDIA Omniverse marks a leap forward, using Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) files to effortlessly transfer 3D scenes across platforms and enable robust, real-time 3D collaboration.

Introducing Hololight Hub Integration with NVIDIA Omniverse and OpenUSD

By leveraging Hololight Hub and integrating real-time streaming services such as Hololight Stream or NVIDIA CloudXR, developers can overcome the performance limitations of extended reality (XR) mobile hardware and offload rendering. This enables companies to securely visualize high-quality 3D assets such as vehicles, machinery, and more to improve design and engineering processes. 

The demonstration will feature Hololight’s XR engineering application for 3D data visualization and collaboration, Hololight Space, running on the enterprise streaming platform. With the solution, users can visualize and collaborate on digital twins to review designs, plan a factory layout, perform risk assessment or quality assurance, and present products to stakeholders in an engaging way. Hololight Space integrates seamlessly with NVIDIA Omniverse using the OpenUSD Managed System for centralized file storage and management. OpenUSD files make it easy to transfer 3D scenes between platforms, while NVIDIA Omniverse provides a robust environment for real-time 3D collaboration.

“We are harnessing NVIDIA Omniverse to not just elevate the user experience but help fundamentally transform how industries engage with 3D content and collaborate in real time,” said Florian Haspinger, the CEO of Hololight. “This integration represents more than just technological innovation; it will help open a gateway to new realms of possibility for designers, engineers, and creators worldwide. We are proud to stand at the forefront of this revolution, showcasing the potential of seamless, scalable XR solutions at NVIDIA GTC.”

“Developers are looking to transform their design and engineering processes with 3D data visualization and real-time collaboration,” said Sheri Nimtz, senior manager of global alliances at NVIDIA. “Hololight Hub’s integration with NVIDIA Omniverse and OpenUSD will help them overcome the performance limitations of XR mobile hardware and offload rendering, opening up new possibilities for 3D content creation.”

Experience the future of enterprise XR with Hololight at NVIDIA GTC. Visit Hololight at the XR Zone at booth #1639 for a transformative demonstration.

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