Hololight Launches First Enterprise-Ready XR Streaming Platform and App Ecosystem at AWE

Hololight, the leading specialist in AR and VR software for the enterprise market, is showcasing its new ground-breaking enterprise-grade XR streaming platform and XR app ecosystem, Hololight Hub, at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2024. The new platform brings together new partners who will take advantage of the company’s streaming technology for their immersive applications.

Hololight and Taqtile Announce New Partnership

Hololight, the leading specialist in XR streaming solutions for industrial enterprises, today announced a new partnership with Seattle-based Taqtile, a renowned provider of spatial computing work assistance solutions.

Hololight and MATSUKO Partner to Empower 3D Collaboration

Two European leaders in extended reality (XR) technology, MATSUKO and Hololight, are excited to announce their partnership. By combining MATSUKO’s holographic remote collaboration application with Hololight’s XR streaming platform and technology, they aim to enhance 3D collaboration experiences using XR technology in B2B use cases across industries.

frontline.io and Hololight Unveil Industrial AR/VR Partnership

frontline.io, a pioneer in AR/VR solutions for training and operational support, and Hololight, the leading specialist in XR streaming solutions for industrial enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the enterprise XR market for training and operational support.

Webinar: AR Engineering for Your Business

Join our webinar to learn how LNS Group is using Augmented Reality (AR) to transform industrial operations, reducing time to market by three months and saving up to $10,000 per prototype.

Introducing the New Version of Hololight Stream

Welcome to the next frontier of mixed reality streaming with Hololight Stream version 2023.1.0! We’re thrilled to introduce new features and expanded device support that will elevate your immersive experiences to new heights. Let’s dive into the 2023.1.0 newest release.

Change The Game: Hololight Space Multi-Device Upgrade

Introducing the latest milestone in XR engineering – the Hololight Space 2023.1.1.0 Multi-Device Update, a service release designed to broaden the horizons of engineering and design through enhanced device support and innovative features.

LNS Group Saves Prototyping Costs for Machine Tools

LNS Group is driving immersive technologies throughout its product development cycle. From early design reviews with global stakeholders to risk assessment and handover to operations, the company is reducing time-to-market by 3 months and saving $5,000 to $10,000 per prototype while improving product quality.

Hololight at XR EXPO: Collaborate across AR and VR

Hololight at XR EXPO: Collaborate across AR and VR

Visit Hololight at XR EXPO, booth 3.3 Max-Eyth-Saal, April 3 & 4, Stuttgart, Germany. We will showcase how holographic 3D CAD visualization is transforming product development, from design reviews to risk assessment, quality assurance, and product presentations.

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Horizon Europe

Emergency Training with AR

Innovative Protection für Critical Infrastructure Employees of the critical infrastructure and chemical storage terminal Attilio Carmagnani completed their first augmented reality training - a measure of the EU Horizon...

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Edge Computing with XR

Why Edge Computing is so Valuable for Mixed Reality Applications The lack of computational and graphical performance of mixed reality glasses narrowed down the range of use cases for quite some time. Using edge computing, developers from Hololight now have found a way...

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