Hololight Secures $12 Million to Fast-Track the Future of XR Streaming

Hololight announces new funding to accelerate its vision to stream any XR application on Hololight Hub, the industry’s first XR streaming platform.

Industrial Spatial Computing

Join Hololight Industrial Spatial Computing Meetup in Ismaning on November 9th 2023.

Revolutionizing Industrial Training with AR

Augmented Reality (AR), with its powerful immersive capabilities, is painting a new future for industrial training.

The Evolution of Hololight: Rebranding

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) are not only changing perceptions, they are driving business innovation, improving workflows, and ushering in a new era of sustainability and quality. At Hololight, we've been at the forefront of this...

Augmented WorldExpo (AWE) Europe 2023

October 24-25, 2023 | in Vienna, Europe | Austria Center Vienna, Booth 259

Introducing: The New Hololight Space (formerly AR 3S) Spectator – View XR Sessions on an iPad Pro

Allow us to introduce you to the new and exciting add-on application we recently launched for our XR Engineering Space Hololight Space: Hololight Space Spectator. First of all, for the readers who haven't heard of Hololight Space yet: It's an XR Engineering...

Series ‘How to Establish AR in Product Development’ | Part 6

In this six-part series (read part five here), we answer the most pressing questions about establishing AR in product development and scaling it from pilot to multiple use cases. You will get practical tips to get you started. WHO WILL DRIVE AR TECHNOLOGY IN...
EMO Hannover

EMO Hannover

Holo-Light will be showcasing its XR engineering application AR 3S at EMO Hannover, September 18 to 23.

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Enhatch and Hololight Announce Partnership

Enhatch and Hololight Announce Partnership

Enhatch and Hololight Partner to Launch Streaming Platform to Deliver Augmented Reality and Virtual Training for Surgery Immersive streaming technology provides power and speed for Augmented and Virtual Reality during surgical trainings, intraoperative procedures;...

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Horizon Europe

Emergency Training with AR

Innovative Protection für Critical Infrastructure Employees of the critical infrastructure and chemical storage terminal Attilio Carmagnani completed their first augmented reality training - a measure of the EU Horizon...

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Edge Computing with XR

Why Edge Computing is so Valuable for Mixed Reality Applications The lack of computational and graphical performance of mixed reality glasses narrowed down the range of use cases for quite some time. Using edge computing, developers from Hololight now have found a way...

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EU Horizon 2020: The ARtwin Project

A Sovereign AR Cloud for Europe  The EU 2020 Horizon Project ARtwin (Ref.No.856994) aims at providing the European Industry and Construction 4.0 ecosystem with a sovereign cloud platform. This way a digital twin of a factory or a building could be...

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